Monday, July 19, 2010


Reading: What is a typical day like for a child in England ?
Lectura: com és un típic dia en la vida d'un nen d'Anglaterra?

Craig is an English boy. He has written about a typical day in his life. Read the text, it's very easy and it's written in present simple.

When you finish you can answer these questions:
1.- What time does he have breakfast?

2.- What are his favourite subjects at school?

3.- What does he do in the evening?

4.- Where does he go on Saturday?

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Carlos said...

1-at 8 o'clock

2-science and history

3-he goes to eat to mc'donald

4-he goes for a picnic

Debora said...

1.he has breafast at 8'o clock.
2.Science and History.
3.he usually does homework before watching more telly.
4.his family and he go into town to the open market.

YaQi said...

1. 8 o´clock.
2.subjects at school are science and history.
3.he usually does his homewort before watching more telly.
4.he's family and he,go into town to the open market.

Julisa said...

1.8 o'clock
2.It is history
3.go to Mcdonals
4.go picnic

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